04 April 2012

Pella's Unique ~ A Critique

First, I would like to say thank you to Pella of Pella's Unique for the opportunity
to wear and critique her beautiful jewelry. She sent me a few necklaces, all recycled:
a rubber tube and silk ribbon necklace, and a pendant necklace
with two chains that can be interchanged. 
I am so pleased because necklaces are all I really wear when it come to jewelry.
All of her pieces are recycled from found, antique and mundane objects.
recycled choker necklace of rubber tubing and purple silk ribbon with egyption clasp

They are beautiful; made in a simple form, that, I came to find, would accentuate any woman's style. From simple to boho, elegant to downtown, Pella's *unique* jewelry is an affordable one-of-a-kind option to suit all varying forms of style. My favorite, shown above, seemed to fit my style the best. Although it is shown in a bright purple, it seems to go well with most of my ensembles, which, as many know, happen to run the gamut of styles. It's got a natural, coo-girl vibe. And yes, that IS me.

back side of recycled vinyl record pendant on recycled plastic chain 

I love that I am able to change out the chains for the pendant, which, made of a recycled piece of a vinyl record, can be worn showing the hand painted design or backward to show the elegance, shine and coolness of the tiny ripples on the record, as shown above. Below is the painted side, worn with both options of chains, which are made from recycled plastic.

painted side of vinyl record pendant

The hand painted piece of vinyl record is really cool, unique and of course it is one-of-a-kind.
The hand painting makes it feel so personal. I think it would be great if you could ask for custom designs.  I can also envision the pieces cut into other shapes, like crescents, lighting bolts or even astrological signs. But I am not certain how difficult it is to cut the vinyl, so I shouldn't act like it is some extremely easy task. That is why I leave the jewelry-making to experts. 

both recycled-plastic beaded chains (black and white)
I really love the look of the plastic bead chains. They are small and matte; cool and versatile, even on their own, as shown above. I found that I like wearing the chains on their own with a more elaborate outfit or with something that maybe doesn't really need a necklace or any jewelry.

I want to thank Pella and her team again for the opportunity to wear and critique her unique art. Getting this opportunity came during a time where a lot of doors felt closed shut, for me and at about the time I was notified that I would get this unique opportunity, a lot of doors began to open. I will always cherish these pieces and when I look at them I will remember that when things start to look down, you never know what wonderful experience is just around the corner.

Please take a moment to browse her jewelry and keep your eyes open for more and more of her designs and art becoming known.

16 November 2010

i want more

 i am on a quest for old/vintage cardigans, sweaters and jumpers with cool patterns. 
this one was adopted from my husband years ago and is something quite special,
but since i love it so much, i do want variations, so as to not wear this one out..

worn with rodarte (for target) slip dress

cool weather and holidays fast approaching, i think i have made the seamless wardrobe transition, but there is still no telling, as the cool months always extend longer than i expect and i always end up wanting the heat far before i should or far before we get it..

04 November 2010

oh freja

recently solidified as my favorite model of all time. i like that she's so lithe (yes, even now with all the size controversy). her tattoos, i envy and will try not to copy. she's absolutely beautiful and here she appears to exude a realness, that although i do not know the woman, seems so real. and simple. i have already copied her hair style, following my venture into copying the original blond agyness-deyn-do. i am excited to watch her as the years go by.

02 November 2010


Tired of all the bell-bottom-clad disco dancers, this disco bitch took one look 
at the motorcycle man from across the room and was certain that this was love at first sight..

See this post, for my costume inspiration

The dress is Liberty of London for Target and although, sadly you can't see them, I wore my Jeffrey Campbell clogs..

28 October 2010

brow be gone

in preparation of my Halloween costume
because i have been thinking about doing this for some time
because i have solidified the fact that I will never dye my hair again
because of the aforementioned, i was still in need of some change...


i BLEACHED my brows!!

crazy hu? i actually kind of love it! i think i am going to take in down one more shade tonight, as i missed a few roots on the left brow and just because i want them a tad lighter. over the years and through all the damage of my hair, i have decided (about a year ago) that i will NEVER bleach, dye, perm (whatever!) again. i rarely use a blow dryer or any other heat styling tools and plan to keep it that way..so....since i have been feeling the itch for change that gets me a couple times of year, i decided to just go all out for my costume (and more...) and just get crazy the bleach! 

stay tuned for pictures of me, the disco bitch!!

27 October 2010

Halloween's Disco Bitch

As per the suggestion of Style.com, I looked to the SS2011 runways
for costume inspiration this Halloween...

Marc Jacobs' Disco Queen Bitch it is!
(I like that Disco Bitch sounds similar to the name of my husband's turtle:
'Disco Biscuit')

Although the dress I will don is a small floral print it still has the one-shoulder design
that I think epitomizes a Studio 54 aesthetic.

I am going to try really hard to rid my face of my brows..
I considered bleaching them (I have been considering it for sometime, any how..)
but I think I will just go with powders and concealers instead.
Dark eyes with a shimmer and a berry lips shall complete the face.
My fine hair will be made as big and frizzy as possible..

AND, I have a killer source to get some really great silk florals for my hair.

Though not a part of the MJ runway looks,
my Jeffrey Campbell Clogs will complete the look..
in true Disco form, of course!
Dancing.. there MUST be dancing!!



(my first year not walking in it!!)
to pop bottles of bubbly and celebrate the fact that
Rebecca Turley, founder and designer of
Nostalgic Boutique WON!!
This happened a few weeks ago, so I am a little slow in getting this posted..
(it's super exciting, none-the-less)

 That's Rebecca and I

And here is her "crew"..

She is a great friend of mine and an amazing designer..
Now that I do not model anymore, for the most part,
I have been appointed Rebecca's assistant! I've never been one to take a 2nd seat,
but I will gladly take 2nd seat to this amazing woman and assist her in anything she needs!
I am especially excited to begin tackling her nation-wide sales in the coming year.

Be sure to keep your eyes open for Nostalgic Boutique to hit a town near you!


30 September 2010

Encore 24 Launch @ Urban Seven - Scottsdale

Ah.. the fashion spectacle that is Scottsdale Arizona.
A city that, so badly, wants to be (like) Beverly Hills. 
A place where frivolousness runs as rampant as sunscreen at the 
Vdara Hotel in Las Vegas... (see: ray of death)
A place with no shortage of silicon or douche, for lack of better words..

But, however silly I find this place, Scottsdale, it is an honor to live here in Arizona
and it was a great honor to be a part of the launch party for new production company 
(which I have been working with and hope to work with more in the future), Encore 24

The festivities took place at new fashion-y "hot spot" in Old Town Scottsdale, Urban Seven.
Check out the website to see what they offer and what they have coming up in the next few months, 
as Phoenix and Scottsdale Fashion Weeks are in the next two months!!
Are you ready?

Back to the launch party..
My date was my cowboy of a husband and funny enough he was somewhat a hit that night..
Living in Arizona you would think that by wearing a cowboy hat you would not garner one strange look or double take, but i can tell you, from much experience, that is just not the case.
Wear a cowboy hat in almost any urban or suburban area pf the Phoenix matropolitan area, as you are looked at as though you have spilt an entire pot of green chile on yourself or as if you just landed your spaceship.. it is a phenomenon that I can not explain..

I wore a REALLY old dress of mine (like high school old!) with docs, 
but no boots can really compare to my cowboy's alligators..

Urban Seven pours a mean variety of martinis, but I stuck with the Primavera all night..
loooove it..

All-in-all the night was great..
..and the people watching was exquisite


27 September 2010

the town

We attended a local launch for Production Company, Encore 24 this past Friday..
Good times were had by all and perhaps even a few too many cocktails..
The Event took place at Urban 7 a new(er) Restaurant, Bar, Venue or sorts 
in Old Town Scottsdale..

That's me and my cowboy up there..

24 September 2010

out tonight // fire and moonlight

i have been working with a production company and my friend/designer rebecca turley
for rebecca's fashion show next month.. 
the production company is brand new and their launch party is tonight..

~i see a fabulous night in my future~

13 September 2010

Fashion's Night Out - The Scottsdale Version

...and a sad version, indeed

Since it's inception just last year, FNOs have decidedly popped up in 
every city from Lexington, KY to Beachwood, Ohio..
and sure enough, Scottsdale and Phoenix area malls hosted our own pathetic version..
not to "knock" the fashion scene here, 
since i do work in it, but it was nothing to write Lagerfeld about..
a few girlfriends and i decided to make a night out of it.

 we took to Scottsdale Fashion Square mall. for those of you not familiar with our little oasis here,
Scottsdale Fashion Square is probably the best mall we have in town.
a most recent addition allows Scottsdale to now boast a Barney's. 
it took long enough.. 
(we are still waiting on our Bloomingdales's..  it's not like i care though)

 we started with happy hour drinks at gorgeously posh Modern Steak
i should've taken more photos, only had my iPhone,
but all of the happy hour food was $2!!
there was nice sized salads with champagne vinaigrette
and over-sutffed sliders, crispy french fries.. just YUM

following many glasses of bubbles, savory nosh and quick moving conversations
where not once sentence was completed,
we had 40 minutes left before the mall closed..
we made a dash to Barney's with no other intention than 
playing intoxicated dress up..
it was so quiet.. i think we were the only customers in complete sight! score!
i sprinted for the Wang... but died 
for a Helmut Lang leather and shearling jacket in the chaotic yet empty path..
but eventually made it to the rack-o6'-Wang..

this f/w2010 alexander wang was beautiful in person, 
but there was some strange tailoring issues on the back, like it was missing a stitch or two..
love, either way

i also spotted beautiful 3.1 Phillip Lim..

..that i had a bit of fun with.. it was a size too big, 
but i love the sequince with my Doc's!!

this next 3.1 P.L.dress was my favorite of the night.
i literally contemplated putting it on my credit card, but debated
that i am not yet cool enough to have a place to wear it..
where it would be perfectly suitable..

so, i fawned over it's beauty for about 20 minutes, before taking it off..
i loved how short it was in the side/back, but still looked very classy and beautiful..

(shitty iPhone pics.. uhg)

although Scottsdale's version of FNO was nothing special,
my girls and i made it special. we laughed the night away and apologized profusely to the 
Barney's staff for our antics.. but they were too busy laughing with at us..

~Stay tuned~

08 September 2010

balancing evolution

good morning! so, in my quest to redefine fickleface here,
i have decided to allow food and fashion share the same post..
woke up this morning, with my body asking for food immediately.
i don't normally chow in the early morning (6:30) but i kind of needed something.
so since actual cooking was not at all going to be a part of my morning,
i blended instead..

plain kefir, flax seed, nutritional yeast, black grapes
didn't get a snap of the final product, but the black grapes and flax made for a wonderful dotted purple smoothie, 
which was just enough to fill my unusual morning void..

my morning need for nutrition continued and i responded with some healthy almond granola as soon as i walked into the office. 
dry granola. eaten with my fingers. i love it.

last night i followed through with something i had been planning to do for a week or so..
i cut the sleeves off this trench coat. 

 the coat is flimsy cotton and was picked up in a cheap boutique in las vegas.
i love the shape of it, but rarely ever wear it.
i think that is due to our weather.. (i will not go into it.. we all know it's hot here)
i find that if i am in need of wearing a coat or jacket, that it needs to be a bit thicker. 
this coat was, from the get-go, completely useless to me. not warm, nor practical.
i just loved it. and if i remember correctly it was on sale for less than $20..
so...since i am really into vests i thought that by eliminating the sleeves,  it could become increasingly useful, 
but, not necessarily any more practical for anything other than sweet styling options!!

with bcbg top & doc marten darcie boots

tell me, what time of the year induces the most changes in your life? 
what transitions are you making in life currently? 
did you recenly move away from home for college?
moving abroad? getting a drastic hair cut? getting married?
what, if anything, are you doing in your life right now to make healthy happy transitions?
i feel the world is taking on a lot of swift change lately 
and all we can do is adapt and evolve as quickly. 
even when it feels unnatural, it makes you realize that that is part of the evolution. 
change quicker. morph quicker.

please share your thoughts on change with me..

07 September 2010

yummy healthy

my blog is in the midst of a little make-over.
i will be adding a lot more about food and my real life, 
as opposed to this fashion vision i try so hard to hold onto..

so, in the mean time and to get the change started,
here i a great vegan food and yoga blog i found:
Averie, the author is doing a great giveaway for some amazing products
from Kroger Herb Company

take the time to check out her blog. this gal is very like-minded to me and i was so 
excited to come across her blog in this new phase of my life!!

06 September 2010

forming opinions of myself

..facial expressions on a laborious labor day..

simple. simple. that is all i want for fall, but i can't shake my need over-the-top.
i'll start here.

03 September 2010

i don't know much about what i know

stagnate air and time
it's all right behind me
lay loosely the star brightly
still have to look to find

waiting for the wolf's cry
those who knew the message clear
wrote of a falling light fear
and of the future where they lie

erin wasson for scanlan and theodore lookbook

19 August 2010


contrary to my previous post = this^ look
not quite sure what to make of it..
but blame is that i am still in office office mode
oh look there's something shiny on the floor!!

18 August 2010


 i am streamlining and learning to dress only within the 
personification which i am trying to project.  
with all of the changes looming on the horizon, 
it seems about time to solidify who i am and accept it fully..
this will include embracing my roots, learning and understanding more about where i live
and looking to family as a great source of inspiration.
i feel this look is truly a uniform for me.. 
a hard edge with a whisper of femininity.
black boots already dominate my shoes collection, 
so this will become a basis for most of my personal styling..
denim, leather or bare for my stems and over-sized soft knits for the rest..
it has taken time for me to find this comfort zone but
i am already loving the idea of working with less in my closet..
not to say i will be getting rid of much, instead just moving it to my other, hidden closet..

i think this also means my blog could be changing...???

 here are some birthday gifts this lucky girl received.. thanks to all!!
what do YOU spy?

03 August 2010


i don't know what has taken so long but i finally got my hands on a perfect maxi skirt.. 
in a favorite color..
with vintage scarf and necklace