30 September 2010

Encore 24 Launch @ Urban Seven - Scottsdale

Ah.. the fashion spectacle that is Scottsdale Arizona.
A city that, so badly, wants to be (like) Beverly Hills. 
A place where frivolousness runs as rampant as sunscreen at the 
Vdara Hotel in Las Vegas... (see: ray of death)
A place with no shortage of silicon or douche, for lack of better words..

But, however silly I find this place, Scottsdale, it is an honor to live here in Arizona
and it was a great honor to be a part of the launch party for new production company 
(which I have been working with and hope to work with more in the future), Encore 24

The festivities took place at new fashion-y "hot spot" in Old Town Scottsdale, Urban Seven.
Check out the website to see what they offer and what they have coming up in the next few months, 
as Phoenix and Scottsdale Fashion Weeks are in the next two months!!
Are you ready?

Back to the launch party..
My date was my cowboy of a husband and funny enough he was somewhat a hit that night..
Living in Arizona you would think that by wearing a cowboy hat you would not garner one strange look or double take, but i can tell you, from much experience, that is just not the case.
Wear a cowboy hat in almost any urban or suburban area pf the Phoenix matropolitan area, as you are looked at as though you have spilt an entire pot of green chile on yourself or as if you just landed your spaceship.. it is a phenomenon that I can not explain..

I wore a REALLY old dress of mine (like high school old!) with docs, 
but no boots can really compare to my cowboy's alligators..

Urban Seven pours a mean variety of martinis, but I stuck with the Primavera all night..
loooove it..

All-in-all the night was great..
..and the people watching was exquisite


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Kira said...

I knew I recognized that dress! You still looks so great in it!! What a fun evening- thanks for sharing the pics!