13 September 2010

Fashion's Night Out - The Scottsdale Version

...and a sad version, indeed

Since it's inception just last year, FNOs have decidedly popped up in 
every city from Lexington, KY to Beachwood, Ohio..
and sure enough, Scottsdale and Phoenix area malls hosted our own pathetic version..
not to "knock" the fashion scene here, 
since i do work in it, but it was nothing to write Lagerfeld about..
a few girlfriends and i decided to make a night out of it.

 we took to Scottsdale Fashion Square mall. for those of you not familiar with our little oasis here,
Scottsdale Fashion Square is probably the best mall we have in town.
a most recent addition allows Scottsdale to now boast a Barney's. 
it took long enough.. 
(we are still waiting on our Bloomingdales's..  it's not like i care though)

 we started with happy hour drinks at gorgeously posh Modern Steak
i should've taken more photos, only had my iPhone,
but all of the happy hour food was $2!!
there was nice sized salads with champagne vinaigrette
and over-sutffed sliders, crispy french fries.. just YUM

following many glasses of bubbles, savory nosh and quick moving conversations
where not once sentence was completed,
we had 40 minutes left before the mall closed..
we made a dash to Barney's with no other intention than 
playing intoxicated dress up..
it was so quiet.. i think we were the only customers in complete sight! score!
i sprinted for the Wang... but died 
for a Helmut Lang leather and shearling jacket in the chaotic yet empty path..
but eventually made it to the rack-o6'-Wang..

this f/w2010 alexander wang was beautiful in person, 
but there was some strange tailoring issues on the back, like it was missing a stitch or two..
love, either way

i also spotted beautiful 3.1 Phillip Lim..

..that i had a bit of fun with.. it was a size too big, 
but i love the sequince with my Doc's!!

this next 3.1 P.L.dress was my favorite of the night.
i literally contemplated putting it on my credit card, but debated
that i am not yet cool enough to have a place to wear it..
where it would be perfectly suitable..

so, i fawned over it's beauty for about 20 minutes, before taking it off..
i loved how short it was in the side/back, but still looked very classy and beautiful..

(shitty iPhone pics.. uhg)

although Scottsdale's version of FNO was nothing special,
my girls and i made it special. we laughed the night away and apologized profusely to the 
Barney's staff for our antics.. but they were too busy laughing with at us..

~Stay tuned~


brianandkira said...

I love seeing how this night turned out. It's obvious how much fun you were having in these pics! Glad you and your friends made a great night of it!

Taylor said...

Haha, I randomly came across your blog reading the comments on another blog, I live in PHX too and I did not even know about this! Though I keep seeing friends on facebook posting about Phoenix fashion week. And I saw that Helmut Lang at Barney's and died over it too. Did you see the Isabel Marant stuff they have?