27 October 2010


(my first year not walking in it!!)
to pop bottles of bubbly and celebrate the fact that
Rebecca Turley, founder and designer of
Nostalgic Boutique WON!!
This happened a few weeks ago, so I am a little slow in getting this posted..
(it's super exciting, none-the-less)

 That's Rebecca and I

And here is her "crew"..

She is a great friend of mine and an amazing designer..
Now that I do not model anymore, for the most part,
I have been appointed Rebecca's assistant! I've never been one to take a 2nd seat,
but I will gladly take 2nd seat to this amazing woman and assist her in anything she needs!
I am especially excited to begin tackling her nation-wide sales in the coming year.

Be sure to keep your eyes open for Nostalgic Boutique to hit a town near you!


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Taylor said...

Your dress is gorgeou, I like your hat too!